Pros And Cons Of Cyber Bullying

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Cyber bullying, or Internet bullying, is a form of harassment that happens using electronic technology. It is a serious problem that affects youngsters on a daily basis and in many forms: mean texts or emails, rumors, hurtful social posts, embarrassing pictures or videos, and even fake profiles. Just like bullying in person, this type of violence causes lasting harm to people especially teens. However, cyber bullying is even more dangerous. Besides the fact that cyberbuillied kids are being harassed in real life as well, they find it even harder to get away from. They’re followed all day every day, and they are being targeted even when they are alone. Moreover, once the messages, posts, or pictured are posed on the internet, it becomes…show more content…
The Olweus Bullying Prevention Program has summarized the most shared forms of cyberbulling in six main types: harassment, denigration, flaming, impersonation, trickery or outing, and cyber stalking. First, harassment happens when the bully repeatedly sends insulting and offensive messages via the Internet. Second, denigration is distributing or spreading rumors or post photos of someone that could damage their reputation. Flaming on the other hand, is fighting online via rude and vulgar messages, texts, or emails. Impersonation is basically stealing someone else’s identity and pretending to be them. While trickery happens when the bully tricks a person into sharing their secrets, outing is revealing those secrets to the public without permission. Finally, cyber stalking is repeated harassment and messages including threats that can cause fear for one’s safety. Therefore, because of the many forms cyberbulling takes, it makes this crime more dangerous and more serious than face-to-face bulling. Since the Internet is now an essential part of every teen’s life, it is became harder to escape bullying; the victim in this case can’t simply leave it behind at the end of the school day. Additionally, once a post, message, or picture is published online, it is there forever. It becomes almost impossible to erase since millions of people can download and save it instantly, and then share it with
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