Advantages And Disadvantages Of Crime Investigation

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Abstract - Criminalisation is a social phenomenon, which has drastically increased in last few years. In order, to make the job of the investigating agencies easy, use of technology is important. Crime investigation analysis is a field where data mining plays a vital role in terms of predicting and analysing the criminals. In our paper, we have proposed an integrated model for physical crime as well as cybercrime investigation. Our approach makes use of data mining techniques for crime detection and criminal identification for physical crimes and digitised forensic tools for evaluating cybercrimes. The first step involves accepting the case details, categorizing the crime case as physical crime or cybercrime and finally storing the details in respective…show more content…
For type 2 crime cases, apply digitized forensic tools to assess the crime details and generate the reports. 4. Use KNN classification to muster the possible suspect list for type 1 case. If no match is found then new crime pattern is added to the data set. 5. Graphically display the crime pattern trends for type 1 and type 2 cases. IV. ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES A. Advantages 1. Provides Security of personal information by the Admin and User login, thus our project is more secure. 2. Our system will help the law enforcing agencies to reduce the crime rate by identifying the crime percent of a particular city. 3. GMAPI used will speed up the crime investigation to enforce security measures in those effected locations with enhanced visualization. 4. The approach is not limited to a particular place or type of crime. 5. The user can register the crime even at home no need to run to the police station. 6. It will also speed up the crime solving process by processing and filtering the voluminous crime data within a short span of time. 7. Our system is for both investigating physical crime as well as for the cybercrime. 8. The KNN method used will help in determining the criminal based on the past records

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