Pros And Cons Of DNR Orders In School

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DNR Orders in School
DNR orders are given out to the school administration and teachers from medical practitioners, upon the request of the child’s parent. These orders raise a lot of debate in various platforms and many people may not fully comprehend what the orders mean or why they are issued. The all handicapped children act, under the public law 94-142 states that each child should be allowed to attend school and be in class as long as it is for the benefit of the child. This act has therefore placed school administrations at a situation, which require them to equip well enough to be able to handle all the children with disabilities.
The DNR orders have been applauded by many people as contributing towards the general well being of the affected child, fellow students, family, and the entire community. The orders are applied to adapt to the changing health condition of the child. These orders have reduced pain and stress on the children and the families of children who have minimal chances of recovering. Whenever such a decision is made, views of school nurse, the teachers, school administration, and the child’s parent are all put into consideration before a DNR order is issued. The child who will be affected by the decision is left out of the decision making process.
The absence of the child is majorly due to his inability to make such important decisions about his health and life in general. The concern is therefore, whether the decision makers reach a decision after

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