Pros And Cons Of Death Penalty

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Death Penalty, Constitutional or Not Imagine a family member of yours was unjustly framed with something he didn’t commit and he is sentenced to death penalty, how would you feel? Death sentence has been thrown back and forth with the argument that it is or it is not an acceptable way of punishing. Offenders are doing what they know best, breaking the law, but the government instead of fixing the problem by doing something better, the make it worse by taking another life from society, which can be considered a “crime”. The death penalty is currently being used by thirty-four out of the fifty in the United States. Death penalty often establishes the question, “Does the government have the right to take away someone’s life?” When death penalty claim another life, the people that get affected are the families of the ones being charged. Death penalty does not bring justice in this world, instead it takes the life of another human being, innocent or not. Death penalty should not exist because it is unconstitutional and affects the families of the person being charged with a certain case. Death sentence didn’t just come out of the blue, it had to come from somewhere and what inspired its creation The death penalty was established in the Eighteenth century, when Captain George Kendall became the first person to be executed in 1608. The death penalty dated back to when King Hammurabi existed as stated here. stated, “The first established
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