Disadvantages Of Owning A Pet

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The decision one makes to own a pet equates to many additional responsibilities. This animal has many needs in order to live a comfortable, long and healthy life. Each type of domestic animal has specific needs and each owner may have specific wants for their pet. For example, when an owner decides to crop their dog’s ears, this is not a necessity for the pet’s survival, but more a want of the owner to give their dog a more “desirable” appearance. On the other hand, cat owners who choose to declaw their cats, have made a choice that is not necessary for the wellbeing of their cat, but to maybe protect their furniture and possibly themselves from a cat’s scratch. Although this may seem like minor or just a simple procedure, before an owner …show more content…

So, what are the alternatives for the cat owner who decides the cat declawing procedure is inhumane and just not for them? According to Ceva Animal Health (2015) there are plenty of alternatives to choose from. One being scratching posts or pads. This way cats can exhibit their normal scratching behaviors. A scratching post can be placed in front of the piece of furniture the cat prefers to scratch so that they scratch their post instead of the furniture. There are also plastic covers, specifically for corners of furniture, to protect the furniture from clawing, yet create an undesirable surface so the cat moves to the scratching post. Training the cat to scratch appropriate surfaces and regular nail clipping can prevent damage in the home. Excessive scratching of cats can be an effect of anxiety, stress, seeking attention, or the feeling of a lack of security in the house. Punishing the cat can increase anxiety and increase the scratching behaviors of a cat. There are synthetic facial pheromone sprays or diffusers that can help reduce stress of anxiety of a pet. Just apply the spray on surfaces of the home where the cat has been known to be involved in undesirable scratching. An enjoyable way, for even the owner of the cat, to prevent scratching is temporary synthetic nail caps. These are colorful plastic nail caps that are glued to the cat’s nails and need to be reapplied every four to six weeks. They come in many different colors, some even come in sparkles. How entertaining would it be to see a furry friend with a fresh new manicure every four to six

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