Pros And Cons Of Democracy

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Does the Majority Actually Rule? Aristotle mentioned “democracy is simply that form of government in which the greater number are sovereign.” (Aristotle) This is describing that the communities of middle and lower class people have a voice in their issues and who is in power looking over them. There are many different pros and cons as to why the majority rule is both beneficial but also hinders the government. Self-determination is described as people having the right to freely choose their sovereignty based on fair equality of opportunity. (Collins Dictionary) Majority-rule ensures that more people ‘get their way’ than people who do not. This in turn increases the overall welfare of society. A democracy makes sure that there is a middle…show more content…
A representative democracy incorporates checks and balances within the government so that one group doesn’t gain more power over another group. When each party is performing their duties correctly, it is designed to have people work together.
Democracy allows people have a say in how their government operates. If the public elects an official into office then they have the right to allow that person to stay there by re-electing them. At the same token, if the majority are displeased with the performance of their reigning elected official, they can vote to remove that person on the next term. As shown through the years with the various presidents who only got one term, we have seen this to be proven time and time again. Where the population does not agree with their choice after the term is over and selects another candidate. (Alexis de Tocqueville)
It also provides thorough representation of the general public. These elected officials are tasked at finding out what is best for their community. They are not just there to help better themselves, but to be a voice for the people. Not just a voice, but also the tools necessary to make the area under their power a better place for all the
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