Dental Implant Disadvantages

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2. Financing Your Dental Implants

Suggested Title: Everything that you wanted to know about financing your dental implants!
Suggested Title: Financing your dental implants: The pros and cons of various options!

Dental implants are an effective way to replace lost teeth; the titanium device is often considered stronger than natural teeth and is a lifetime solution if the procedure is done correctly. However, getting dental implants can be a mammoth investment, even if only a single tooth is involved. Unfortunately, implants are deemed elective procedures and as such, your dental insurance will not cover them. So, here is a look at the factors that impact the cost of the procedure and the options available for financing your dental implants.
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On an average, people pay between $3000 and $28,000 for implants and a single denture plate, while the average for a full set of implants with upper and lower dentures can average around $34,200.

Additional procedures: Moreover, the adjunctive procedures needed before inserting the implant will add further to the cost. For instance:
• Extraction of the infected or decayed tooth may be needed; a simple extraction costs $75-$300.
• If more than one tooth or molar has to be removed, this will be done surgically and will cost more at $150-$650.
• X-rays which have to be taken before the implant surgery will cost you $20-$250.
• A CT scan may also be required which will be another $250-$1000.
• Bone grafts may be needed for inserting implants in the upper molars. This is a surgical procedure; a simple graft will cost an additional $200-$1200.
• A complex graft will be $2000-$3000.

So, all of the procedures will end up adding approximately $5000 to $10,000 to the cost of the implant. While some of the surgical cost can be recovered from regular health insurance coverage, it is highly unlikely that your dental or health cover will pay for the entire procedure.

Financing your dental implants with grants and

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