Pros And Cons Of Dependence On Technology

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“ What ? Homework again? Don’t worry, we can copy from Internet!” “ You can just send an email to me” “ We are having online meeting today” Apparently, this is what we heard from students and workers from years ago until today. In this era of globalization and technological advancement, people from all walks of life have become more dependent on technology. Undeniably, advancement in technology has benefited our lives in many ways, it develops our country and makes our lives easier. However, it is right to depend on technology on everything? Have you ever realize that we have gradually lost a significant skill which ancient people have and also need it to lead us to a successful life? That is independence. In the ancient time, there is no such thing as technology, they make use of their skills and techniques to build their houses, and keep on improving themselves to invent something useful, which is what we have today that called “ technology”. There are pros and cons in having technology in our lives. It help us to simplify our daily works and solve our daily tasks. On the contrary, we lose our ability to think and improve our creativity. In nowadays life, although there are tons of homework or questions to train our students to think and answer, students’ mind will not improve much. This is because the world of technology has no border, even though they are some special questions, they can still seek help from Internet in order to find the solutions. Seeking and
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