Pros And Cons Of Dependency On Technology

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Yes, there are various benefits of the advancement and utilization of technology by the people. However, this people’s dependency on technology is now questionable. Technology has had a bittersweet effect on the world today. In pursuant of discussion on these dependencies that has affected creativity and communication, we would like to discuss the pros and cons and their respective shortcomings. On the positive aspects, that is their pros, technology assists on applications. It has given us great convenience and saves…show more content…
These really help in solving problems. Subsequently, the development and advancement of the communication technology has created the product of smartphones and its fast-growing industry. The necessary use of data onto marketing and business too is created. However, we should not see the world through rose-coloured glasses as there is danger involved if we rely superfluously on technology. People’s dependency on technology can stifle their imagination on approaches that are based on facts and methods. This shows lacking of creativity since it does not utilize much of intuition or intuitive insights and is only applicable by engineering and technological approaches. These contributed to individual’s nerdiness, and dull in characters, personalities and cultures. Besides, the cons and dependency on this technology; is not necessarily the truths about the data and information gathered which has been via internets. The other evil and bad side of this internet technology is that the high-speed internet and Wi-Fi have contributed to the risks and dangers of criminal abuse. In Facebook too, it is easy to spread rumours, be them; political, social or business. Furthermore, terrorists use Facebook to recruit members, spread propaganda and make weapons of mass
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