Pros And Cons Of Deportation In America

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There’s fear of going to jail, but there is also fear of being deported and never being able to come to the USA. But why is that? It is true because many people want to support their family, give them a good future or even sometimes the children want a better future for themselves and help their parents into a better house and city. Not many people can get an opportunity like that, because immigration laws are too strict. HOW DOES DEPORTING HELP THE COUNTRY ? Deportation isn’t for everyone but for the ones that do illegal things. It keeps the United States to not be overpopulated than it already is. But either way it’s going to continue aslongets women keep having kids. Deporting also hurts the United States due to racism because…show more content…
They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people “ - Trump. This is what made him look like a bad president and not many people were a big fan of him. Other than him also wanting to build that border, which there is no point in because people will do what it takes to succeed a better life. Meaning mexicans will dig , climb over , get a helicopter or something to cross over the border. And now that he’s making other races think mexicans are taking american jobs , mexicans will , are and always have been working hard but now 10x harder to prove , what the president said is not true. Why are mexicans being treated bad and unfairly ? Even though , there is a statement “ Everyone is created equal “. Not everyone is equal because if a person is equal shouldn’t the other have the same right? For some people being treated fairly is about being a certain race white, black , brown or whatever color you are. NO RACISM but all what is on the news is that white people are not being punished how they are supposed to but blacks and hispanics are being treated low and in many people’s opinions that is not right. How many people are deported a year
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