Mammography Advantages And Disadvantages

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Mammography is specialized medical imaging examination that uses a low-dose x-ray system to see inside the breasts. It uses x-rays to take images of the breast from different angles. Doctors use a mammography exam, called a mammogram to look for early signs of breast cancer which helps in the early discovery and diagnosis of breast diseases. Regular mammograms are the best assessments doctors have to catch breast cancer early, sometimes up to three years before it can be felt. (ACR), 2018) .Breast screening is an effective way of detecting breast cancer, often at a very early stage, when there are no outward signs. The sooner the problem is detected, the more ways there are of treating it successfully. Many people in the UK have had their lives…show more content…
It has substituted conventional film mammography. In digital mammography, an electronic image of the breast is stored as a computer file. It offers many practical advantages and patient conveniences. The digital machine is fast, resulting in patients spending a shorter period in uncomfortable positions, there's no waiting for film to be developed, digital images are instantly accessible. The technologist can assess the quality of the images as they're taken, Brightness, darkness, or contrast can be manipulated and parts of an image can be magnified after the mammogram is complete which makes it simpler to notice delicate differences between tissues and transmission of images from one physician to another is quick and easy. (,…show more content…
To attain a mammogram image, the beam energy anode material used is molybdenum. In standard X-ray machine Tungsten is used. Characteristic x-ray production is the main motive for picking molybdenum. For molybdenum, characteristic radiation occurs at 17.5 and 19.6 keV. A molybdenum filter with a 0.03mm thickness is used to avoid all other energies because its distinctive energies are the ones required. The ribcage is postioned and its closeness to the breast results that if a diverging beam was centered above the service users breast this would mean the less prominent aspects of the breast would not be comprised in the image, possibly misdiagnosing abnormalities in this area (Hollingsworth 2016). The equipment used in mammography has a beam collimated that produces an angle permitting for the majority of patient breast tissue to be examined without missing any relevant tissue as represented in the diagram

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