Pros And Cons Of Digital Marketing

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Digital Marketing Stuart Carroll

Digital marketing, specifically online, has become the most widely used form of advertising for a product or service and is something that is constantly evolving, becoming the primary method of marketing to consumers for many companies. E-Marketing in particular has overtaken TV, radio and print media since the end of the twentieth century and start of the twenty first century.
The global reach of e-marketing is something that cannot be competed with.


Facebook, for the most part, can prove to be a very effective tool when targeting your desired demographic for your business. Like any other form of marketing, it is not without its downsides. The following will outline the various pros and cons of using Facebook to market your business.


• Arguably the biggest advantage of using Facebook to market your business is the global reach you will have. Facebook is the leading social networking site with nearly 1.5 billion users (Statista, 2016). This fact alone cannot be overlooked. It is undeniable that marketing through Facebook is essential to promote any business.

• Another upside is the direct communication with your consumers. Facebook provides the opportunity to attain immediate feedback from customers. You can easily see what marketing strategies do and don 't work, and what your customers respond best to, using the amount of 'likes ' etc., to measure effectiveness of your marketing
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