Pros And Cons Of Digital Media

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“Our social tools are not an improvement to modern society, they are a challenge to it.” This essay will discuss the digital media effects on us using three different sources. “Connecting, but alone” which explains how social media reshape out relationships with other, “Why Gen-Y Can’t Read Non-Verbal Cues” that shows the importance of the body that is missing in the mobile communication, and finally the third source “Hashtag activism isn’t a cop-out.” Which explains the relation between hashtags, protests and police. I believe that digital communication is a double-edged weapon that can benefit you as much it can hurt you.
Human beings are born socially active and there are many pros and cons of digital communication. Communication is a very important activity that allows you to convey your information to the other person. This activity revolves around basic interaction. Thanks to the modern technology, it is much easier to be in touch with family and loved ones, especially when you are away from them or studying outside your home country. Digital communication also helps us discover our surroundings and people also use it to explore different cultures. It always helps you to find new friends with different backgrounds and allows you to express your feelings and share your opinions openly through the social media. Being socially active holds a lot of benefits. It keeps you connected to the world around you and keeps you up to date. For instance, University students that
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