Pros And Cons Of Digital Privacy

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The technology has been advanced and transformed which has changed the concept of privacy in today’s world. As far as our thinking capacity allows us, we consider privacy as protecting our life and personal information from government although such attempts are made by them to keep an eye and to control our behavior. The privacy issue has spread to such an extent that can clearly be observed by the given statement of Edward Snowden few months ago. He stated about his access to such documents about the revelation of various U.S and British programs through using internet, web, television and such mediums that completely destroys our privacy. Edward claimed about the revelation of the American’s government compelling Verizon mobile phone and programs like ‘Prism’ through which National Security Agency-NSA are able to get direct access to information and phone records of millions of Americans through internet and websites like Google, Apple, Facebook etc which is completely against ethics and ultimately ensures no privacy to the phone and computer or web users. Although one’s phone data and web conversations are totally a person’s…show more content…
As in the today’s growing world of technological advancement and information, digital reputation is seen as the vastly prevailing state of reputation. On the other side, the internet and online social networks have become the inevitable and unescapable part of our social lives and has basically changed our personal opinions and reputes with significant consequences. As sensible individuals of society, we have to pick and choose the pros and cons of such changes. It would assist and tell us to which extent and how we can rely more on online information in decision making of social interactions. We need to preclude ourselves from the possible damages of online defamation along with privacy invasion in the race of benefiting from this age of
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