Pros And Cons Of Digital Reading

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Reading has developed over time and now the common way of reading is digitally. Reading has changed so maybe the way people read has changed also. The two articles “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” by Nicholas Carr (2008) and “The Deep Space of Digital Reading” by Paul LaFarge (2016) explain the effects of digital reading and the pros and cons of reading information online. Both articles explain how our brains are malleable and can be altered by the way we read. Digital reading has shown to cause people to skim through information without fully reading the information. Digital reading has made it easier to access the information, rather than trying to search for it through hundreds of pages in a book. Society has changed a great deal over time, and for the reason that society has changed so has the way people read. Has our fast changing society caused the way people read to change also? Literature Review
In the article “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” by Nicholas Carr (2008), Carr explains how digital reading changes the way a person reads and comprehends the information. Carr (2008) declared, “Once I was a scuba diver in the sea of the words. Now I zip along the surface like a guy on a Jet Ski” (n.p.). Reading online has caused many people to develop the sense they need to read quickly and efficiently rather than slowly and completely. People have developed the skill of skimming through information without reading thoroughly and without understanding the information fully. Carr
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