Dinner In French Essay

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In France, dinner is often served after 7pm and can last for several hours.

The plugs on electrical cords in France are of a Type E design (shown). These consist of two 19mm long, 4.8mm wide perfectly round pins spaced 19mm apart. A grounding socket on the plug, centered and offset by 10mm vertically above the imaginary center line of the pins meets a 14mm long grounding pin that is permanently mounted in a wall electrical socket. The design ensures a good ground is achieved before a live electrical contact is made.

During a meal in France, bread does not receive a bread plate when being eaten and is instead placed directly on the table linen.

Shops in France have a small rubber mat or glass dish at the cashier’s register. This object
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The French see this as a sign of idiocy or feeble-mindedness and think less of the intelligence of people who smile for no apparent reason (especially when in public).

Dinner in France is often served later in the evening (7pm or 8pm) and is often a social occasion. In a restaurant, the order will be often be taken and some time will pass before the server approaches the table again; the first course will come later. This is a time for conversation and French culture allows for the meal to take a considerable length of time.

The plug design integrates with its wall socket (and the socket’s grounding pin) during use. It is inserted into a socket and acts together with the grounding pin in the wall to establish an electrical ground. Once fully inserted, a 230V 50Hz current is delivered to the
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It shows that the French truly do care about the quality of a child’s education and illustrates the importance French culture places on establishing quality education early. One fascinating detail was that the measure will have a lower actual effect than might be expected because most French parents already have their children in a nursery school at that age to begin with (further illustrating the importance the French in general place on having a strong foundation for education early in
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