Pros And Cons Of Dinosaur Bones

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TITLE “Sue” is one of the biggest and most complete T-rex skeleton ever found (text book pg. 140). If this skeleton would’ve been lost to illegal fossil trade dealers, then scientists and paleontologists would have also lost valuable evidence. Fossils are dead organisms that are buried by sediment that hardens, and then preserves the form of the dead organism (text book pg. 141). Fossils help provide evidence of the earth’s past and its developments (article 5 paragraph 4). Plus, fossils help gain interest in paleontology and earth’s natural history (article 1 paragraph 1). Dinosaur bones can help researchers have a more specific idea of how dinosaurs developed over time (article 7 paragraph 15). Fossil trading should not be allowed by governments all over the world because illegal dealers are not careful when digging out bones and fossils, fossil trading will lose years of scientific studies and people will not get to enjoy them as much, and it can result in a lot of trouble and/or embarrassment for private collectors or businesses. First of all, illegal dealers do not care about the professional process of digging up fossils and take the bones as quick as possible without caring about the damage they may be causing. Most of the time they rip the bones and create dents on the thousand year old fossil (article 2 paragraph 7). In addition, when bones and other fossils are removed from the area without care it can damage the sites’ stratigraphy (article 1 paragraph 3).
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