Medical Model Of Disability Essay

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Disability is a general term, including damage, limited activity, and participation. The limited activity is limited by the difficulties encountered by people in carrying out their tasks or actions. It is a matter of involvement in personal life. Thus, disability is not just a matter of health. It is a complex phenomenon that reflects the interaction between human characteristics and the social characteristics of his or her life. From a social model of view, impairment is the body, organ or function is missing or defective. However, disability refers to the lack of community awareness of the physical injury and concern affect they are in a disadvantageous position in society. This is excluded from the participation of mainstream activities. Obstacles to the medical model make the physical and mental disorders as a personal body or mental impairment lead to personal physical and mental function is limited, thereby creating restrictions on participation in social and productive activities.
In the medical model view, as the body is the individual and others to develop social interaction and the establishment of social relations media, physical and mental impairment caused by the physical appearance or changes in the internal state. There is a gap between the community and the "normal" body. Therefore,
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For example, people with physical disabilities cannot enter the National Concert Hall because the foot has some degree of damage so that the footsteps are inconvenient. However, from the social model for the interpretation of obstacles. The obstacles are not caused by personal physical damage but society caused. For instance, if the building entryway, the ladder shift to landslide design, the width of the door also exceeds the width of the wheelchair. Perhaps the aforementioned physically handicapped can take a wheelchair to the National Concert

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