Pros And Cons Of Disney Movies

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Blasphemy! How can parents possibly choose to make their children watch Disney movies? Disney movies have been a part of millions of people’s childhood. All the adventurous stories, “innocent roles”, and happy endings may seem harmless, but they are affecting the audience’s mind by sending the wrong message. Disney movies are negative for the viewers, and aren’t beneficial to children because they represent historical inaccuracies, send subliminal messages, and promote sexual activities. First, Disney films are bad for the viewers because they consist of many historical inaccuracies. The sad part is that many people to this day believe that everything they watched in a Disney movie as a child is true, and follow it blindly without doing any…show more content…
For example, in Ms. Horigan’s handout one of the pros for Disney was that Disney portrays the importance of “being yourself” in their films. The handout mentions, “Aladdin and The Lion King, show children both the importance of being yourself and living up to your responsibilities.” Many viewers may not realize the real message being portrayed in Aladdin the first time watching it. In fact, Aladdin asks for a wish to make him a wealthy prince in order to woo Princess Jasmine’s father. Aladdin, in reality, is a lower class thief. Where is the “being yourself” part? If Disney really showed the true importance of being yourself, then Aladdin would be able to woo Princess Jasmine’s father by being honest about his lower-class life. This particular movie shows the difference between upper and lower class citizens, and how Aladdin lies about his social class in order to get what he wants. Isn’t that the complete opposite of “responsibility”? This particular film portrays the importance of class, power, greed, and money. It shows that in order for one to live happily and carefree, one has to be a part of the upper class
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