Pros And Cons Of Diversity In America

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Everyone runs into something that is challenging in their life at some point; some people have trouble with school, others with socialization, and some with the world as a whole. America is no exception to this. America has to deal with its own problems: racism, hunger, wars, etc. Some of these are based on differing views, but all of them would be fixed if America could unify and face problems as a country. For example: Americans acknowledge that world hunger is a problem but the majority only acknowledge that it is a problem and do not try to fix it. For this reason, America’s biggest challenge is being able to unify its people to have the strength to deal with problems. This challenge is really hard to take on because of how diverse America is. Diversity is good, but not when it comes to trying to agree upon something with people who have completely opposing views. Racism is a good example of this. One side believes that their own race is better than another person’s or sees other races as inferior. Another side believes that all races should be treated equal because skin tone should not determine how people treat one another. Some do not even acknowledge that racism is a problem at all. All these conflicting views make it hard to come to a solution on how to fix the problem. It also prevents the United States from being whole. This same idea comes into play when trying to face other problems such as global warming, sexism, immigration, and tons of other prevalent
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