Pros And Cons Of Dress Code In School

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In a lot of schools there is a strict dress code but in some schools there’s no dress code at all. Is it good or bad witch a dress code? I personally think that it can be both good and bad with having a dress code.

There is a lot of different types of dress codes, in some countries like for example japan, and in some privet schools the most popular one is school uniform, and that is that the school have decided an exact set of clothes that every student most wear. Often there is a summer and a winter uniform, for the girl’s summer clothes it is usually a skirt and a blouse sometimes even a jacket a pair of long socks and a pair of shoes. For the boy´s it´s usually a pair of trousers, a shirt and a pair of shoes, all of the clothes have the same colours, and those are the school´s colour. For the winter the boys often have a pair of trousers, a shirt and a jacket, sometimes they have a thicker shirt to put on inside. For the girls the clothes it’s usually a skirt, a blouse, a jacket and sometimes a thicker shirt, in a few schools the girls have the chose to wear a pair of trousers instead of a skirt for the winter month.

Another type of dress code is when you can chose the clothes to wear with some rules, this is very common in the USA, some of the rules to follow is for example that if you put your hands down by your side the clothes have to go below your fingertips, another rule is that you can´t wear spaghetti straps, in some schools girls aren’t allowed to wear trousers
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