Dress Codes In School

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In a lot of schools there is a strict dress code but in some schools there’s no dress code at all. Is it good or bad witch a dress code? I personally think that it can be both good and bad with having a dress code.

There is a lot of different types of dress codes, in some countries like for example japan, and in some privet schools the most popular one is school uniform, and that is that the school have decided an exact set of clothes that every student most wear. Often there is a summer and a winter uniform, for the girl’s summer clothes it is usually a skirt and a blouse sometimes even a jacket a pair of long socks and a pair of shoes. For the boy´s it´s usually a pair of trousers, a shirt and a pair of shoes, all of the clothes have the
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Although this is a good thing, this just as everything else people take it too far. That the clothes should go down below your fingers are a good rule but I don´t think that a rule that says that girl´s should not show their shoulders is a very good one. In different schools there different rules but why is it that in a lot of school´s witch these rules a girl can´t show her back, her arms, the most of her legs, a bit of her tummy, but the boys can? Why should we separate the boys and the girls rule so much because they have different genders? I now a lot of people will say it´s because the girls will distract the boys, but isn’t it the same way around that the girls will be distracted by the boys, or is it that only important that the boys need education? In schools that don´t have rules it´s not always the children learn what is acceptable in society, and what type of clothes that are not suitable to wear around town, which is what children in schools with rules learn.

So in conclusion there are both good and bad things about the different types of dress codes in school. None of them are just good and none are just bad. If I could decide how I want to have it, it would probably be a mix of all or two of the different types of dress codes. But I want to have the same rules for boys and girls and not say it´s one genders fault that the other one fail. What type of dress code would you want to have? Do you think you can learn anything from the rules that schools have about

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