Pros And Cons Of Dress Codes

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Putting a dress code into effect would limit students freedom of expression. Many students inalienable rights get taken away with this rule, “In the 1970 case Richards v. Thurston (3-0), which revolved around a boy refusing to have his hair cut shorter, the US First Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that "compelled conformity to conventional standards of appearance" does not "seem a justifiable part of the educational process." Another example of students getting their freedom taken away was at Friendly High School in Maryland where they were not allowed to wear pink shirts to wear pink shirts in order to support breast cancer month. Knowing this they wore the shirts anyway and approximately 75 students got in-school-suspension. Schools with dress codes like those take away freedoms that students will have in the real world. Also, the rule distracts them in class, because they can’t wear their favorite band shirt, so they must tell their friends about the band during class. Overall, school dress codes are unconstitutional and should be banned because they try to take away one of your inalienable rights.…show more content…
“Tony Volk, Ph.D., Associate Professor at Brock University, stated, ‘Overall, there is no evidence in bullying literature that supports a reduction in violence due to school uniforms.’[85] 2007 peer-reviewed study found that ‘school uniforms increased the average number of assaults by about 14 [per year] in the most violent schools.’ These researchers prove that uniforms are in fact causing deaths that could easily be preventable. Also since there is still bullying, this has not been the solution so uniforms should be
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