Pros And Cons Of Drink Driving Persuasive Speech

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Good Morning/Afternoon 8 savio. Do you think it 's right that victims have to experience horrendous events such as Drink Driving? Drink Driving should be taken more seriously by people due to the fact that many incidents are caused from people who are much drinking over the limit. Each year in Australia , an average of 35 drivers die from Drink Driving. Lets help bring this number down to 0, Australia needs to take more caution with the amount of alcohol consumed by people. Here are three reasons why we need to put a stop to drink driving. Car accidents are the primary risk associated with drink driving. Consuming alcohol slows down your brain and causes you to lose concentration. Not only does it lose your concentration, but your reaction time is processed slower through the brain. This makes it difficult for your brain to travel information to the correct areas. Since your…show more content…
Police hide anywhere where people are likely to drink drive such as under bridges, on highways, on freeways and even in backstreets. Police are always on high alert to keep our streets safe. Drinking over the limit 0.05 can cause you into serious trouble. According to Vicroads. Those who are caught Drink driving will get the fine of facing possible Imprisonment and the possibility of getting their licence taken off of them. Do you want to lose the ability to drive? No one should be drink driving. Drink driving causes many accidents. Alcohol should not ever be used on the road for the following reasons, it stops your brain from functioning properly, it is likely to hurt innocent people and why risk a fine when it can be easily avoided? Do you want to be responsible for a family grieving the death of a loved one? No, no one would so help me turn the 35 deaths each year into 0 deaths. Spread this message and help to stop drink
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