Pros And Cons Of Drinking Essay

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DEMAGES OF DRINKING In our country, the drinking age increases day by day. The researches show that it starts

from 13 ages. Many teens use alcohols. Some of them try it just for one time, and they can

leave them easily but the others can not overcome it. They can use them for many reasons.

In my opinion, they should not use them in their early ages because it is bad for themselves in

many ways. When they use it in early ages, it can be problem for their health and, it can be

in a bad way. Also, it can cause some financial problems, and they can have some bad friends

in their life. It affects our success too.

First of all, when they use alcohol for a long term in their early age, it leads to lack of

vitamin B1. Also, alcohol
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In the end, you can have some depression problems and your life become teribble for you. Furthermore, using alcohol brings about bad friends.When you start to use it, the can

find you easily and you start to drink together.To me, it can be in a opposite way. For

example, if you have a bad friends, they can persist you to taste it. If you start to taste it, then

it will go on for many times. Also that bad friends encourage you to do another bad

behaviours. Day by day, you will change to monsters. For instance, you will abuse to other

people and you will hurt them.And then both of you will be lonely in your life. In my view,

these reasons can cause to commit suicide because drinking affects their brain and it causes

some psychological problems and they can not think carefully in their life while they are

making decisions.

Last but not least, using alcohol always affects our success in a bad way, because when we drink something , we can not get up early, so we go to school lately and we can miss our

lessons. It also affects our exams. This circle continues until our work life. When we
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