Pros And Cons Of Drones In The Military

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Drones Benefiting the Military?
Would drones simplify our lives? Drones are becoming a new part of our lives, but there are controversial thoughts about them. Like many other things, drones have negative and positive aspects involving them. One controversial topic is whether drones should be used in the military. Looking at the different sides of what people think, allows us to see the pros and cons about them. Drones have many benefits if they are used in the military and they help people from risking their lives. In my perspective drones should be used in the military. Although there are cons, the pros exceed the negative aspects about them. We use drones for everyday life, so why not use them in the military too? For instance, fewer innocent people are killed because of drones. “The traditional weapons of war - bombs, shells, mines, mortars - cause more unintended (“collateral”) damage to people and property than drones…” (Drones). Not only do they keep civilians from getting hurt, they also help soldiers. Drones can be controlled from the base, which means that soldiers don’t have to risk their lives by going to the battling field and risking their lives. Using drones in the military would also save a lot of money.
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Drones are meant to be used to help out, but they can also cause even more problems, like the increase in terrorism. Like explains, terrorism has increased because drones kill people’s loved ones, which causes them to want revenge from their loved one’s parting. Not only can they kill terrorists and adversaries, but they can also kill innocent people that are not involved in the situation. “Classified documents leaked in Oct. 2015 showed that in one five-month period of drone strikes in Afghanistan, as many as 90 percent of those killed were not the intended targets…” (Drones). From all the drone attacks, people are traumatized because they don’t know when the next attack will be.

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