Pros And Cons Of Dropping Out Of High School

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All over the world, people have debated about high schoolers dropping out of school. Some think that teenagers need their full four years of high school so they will have a full education, but others think that dropping out will help them pursue their dreams. It all started with William Brown in 1955 when he dropped out of highschool at the age of sixteen. It is clear overall that high schoolers should not be dropping out of school. Dropping out of school makes it 90% tougher to get accepted into a job, and it will most likely make you become unhealthy and lethargic. Lastly, dropping out can increase your chances of getting yourself into a conflict, such as jail. Dropping out can and will change your life forever.
Getting a job is already hard as it is, but when you are known as a dropout it is even harder. According to the article Dropout Prevention, “Around 6.7 million people between the ages 16 to 24 are neither in school nor working. In addition, children under 18 years of age represent 23 percent of the population, and make up 33 percent of all the people living in poverty.” This is important because when a high schooler drops out they need consider that many jobs won’t accept them because of their lack of education. As people know many actors have dropped out of school to help fulfill their dreams of being an actor. Although they are now famous, more than 50% of actors who tried out for a movie didn 't make the cast because they were dropouts. According to Only Five

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