Pros And Cons Of Dropping The Atomic Bomb

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In the sixty years since World War 2, President Truman 's decision to drop the atomic bombs on Japan has been questioned by many people. The bombing caused many deaths but also clearly marked the end of the long drawn-out war. The justifications for the bombing are still however a widely discussed debate. Arguments supporting the justification of the bombing involve the President 's stern belief that the Japanese had brought it on themselves, and that the bombing would end the war and save many American lives. The counter-arguments were that the Japanese were already defeated and so ‘why was it necessary to drop the bomb?”. Especially the second type, as evidence suggests that the Japanese were already defeated. Bombing and killing the…show more content…
The Long term effects of radiation sickness were extremely severe and unknown. There were unknown because the Americans had dropped the first bomb on Hiroshima 3 weeks after the testing. How were the supposed to be fully aware of the long term effects if they had not investigated them? The scientists however are not to blame as they protested against the atomic bomb. This show that the dropping of the bomb may have been negotiated more as they didn’t know the long term effects, however it is also unjustifiable because they should have known. There were no real researches on any long-term effects. Further debates have been had on whether President Truman had made his own decision or did her just carry on the decision that President Roosevelt wanted to put into action? As the Manhattan project was created before Harry Truman became…show more content…
The Atomic bomb was unfortunately deadly successful in what it was aimed to do, which was ending World War two and to save American lives. General Groves, the Engineer Director of the Manhattan Project was desperate to see fruits of his labours before the end of the war. The cost to develop the bomb was $2 billion dollars was taken into great account as it would have been difficult to justify not using it after such a vast financial investment. The project produced 2 bombs, the one dropped on Nagasaki, however, was simply an unnecessary experiment to just try it out. So finally, I believe that the dropping of the first bomb was justified, however, the second dropping

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