Pros And Cons Of Drug Testing

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Drug Testing In 2015 50,000 people died from a drug overdose- the most ever. Each year, more than 100,000 babies are born addicted to cocaine due to mothers using the drug while pregnant- the most ever. Of all suicide attempts, 75% are by overdosing with drugs- the most ever (“Drug facts”). Years have gone by, decades of research have tried to solitude the issue, but there is one common factor; the issue continues to grow worse. Every day we sit by, allowing drugs to get worse, another child loses their future, another person loses their life and another parent seizes, heartbroken with sorrow. We try continuously to find a cure, but in reality, there is no cure, only pretentious ways that can help the problem. Drugs start at the youth, where their brains are developing. Growing. Then, spreads as they grow to adults and continue to deal, take, and lose to the drug epidemic. With few ways to help with this problem we look to expensive, unaffordable ways to help with drugs, but there still might be hope to every student, athlete, and child waiting on the horizon; drug testing. Drug testing should be mandatory in all middle schools because it prepares students for a world of responsibility in the future, gives everybody a reason to say no at a party, and allows for the ones that need help to receive it. Furthermore, drug testing should be necessary for all middle schools because it prepares students for the responsibility that they need down the road. Expanding off of
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