Pros And Cons Of Drunk Driving

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What is the best way to prevent DUI and deaths to drunk driving? DUI cause people to loss their lives or serious bodily injuries to everyone who crosses the barriers to drinking and drive. It causes many tragic injuries to a number of people on our roadways. Even the innocent children get hurt or killed if someone decides to drink and drive, for these little ones it doesn’t give them a chance at living their life to its fullest potential. Their little lives are cut short at the hand of another, because of their bad judgment to think that drinking and driving is the right choice. Drinking and driving in one of the most unfortunate realities that exist in our world today that has many issues. I think if someone causes death to another family…show more content…
Thus far, it has been unsuccessful with advertising commercials, billboards, and community meetings to talk against this unfortunate problem. But if the lawmakers would implement for the offender to meet with his or her victim twice a month to experience the pain a grieving family has to endure it could help solve this crisis on drinking and driving. There are many individual who will say they don’t think there is anything wrong with having a drink at places like parties, dances, or family picnics. But when they get behind the wheel of a car that person lose control in their car and panic. This all leads in the inedible, they hit another pedestrian possibly killing or seriously injuring the other person that share the road with them. Respectfully, many have witnessed someone losing love ones to an accident that involves drinking and driving. Too many times, as citizens we as a community don’t get involved or react until this tragedy enters our own family. Then we want to launch some kind of campaign because our family have entered this dilemma. After carefully thinking about how dangerous this problem has gotten, I think there is something else that can help send this message to the ones that breaking the law. Making it mandatory to face a family that is broken but ones decision should be written into
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