Pros And Cons Of E-Cigrattes

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People shouldn 't some either of these types of drugs or any other type of drugs so you won 't get any type of disease/sickness.People believe that drugs won 't do anything bad to you but they do and no one seems to care.You should just be drug free to have a healthy life.Its way better to keep away from drugs so you have to worry about getting in trouble by the law.You can go for a run,play with your dog,go for a swim rather then doing drugs.The FDA adminestration tested that most e-cigrattes were toxic with multiple chemicals e-cigrattes even contain nicotine.On the other hand some FDA results claim that e-cigrattes aren 't as bad as regualr cigrattes.The problem of e-cigrattes is going to be handle im court to see if they should ban them
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