Ancient Egyptian Medical Practices

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I would rate the Ancient Egyptians medical practices as the grade of an 85, or a B. I say this, because the Egyptians did have an adept grasp on medical, physiological knowledge. However, there were a few discrepancies that put a strain on this grasp. Namely, these deviations stemmed from the Ancient Egyptians belief in treating diseases with magical incantations, rather than hands on, medicinal practices. By this, I speak to prescribing drugs, or generating proper diagnosis’s. These magical incantations were the treatment for people plagued by diseases, as the Ancient Egyptians believed that disease meant evil had entered the body, or an angry spirit was inhabiting your body and needed to be exorcised. In fact, the Ancient Egyptians…show more content…
To enumerate, or illustrate a few examples, of how Ancient Egyptian medicine carries over to our current medical practices, would be, the same use of instruments. Markedly, metal scalpels, catheters, a bone saw (amputations were performed), clamps, (specialized in stopping blood flow), lancets (for opening veins), prosthetic limbs, made of wood; as well as scales for weighing raw materials to mix for tonics. Each of these instruments are still used to this very day, as we use scalpels to assist in surgeries, as well as bone saws in orthopedic surgery, or…show more content…
The only difference between us and the Ancient Egyptians would be, that some of what was scrawled on the papyrus scrolls were incantations, as well as medical records. Lastly, I felt the Ancient Egyptians ability to relieve pain through homeopathic remedies was very clever, in the way they were able to use their intuition in nature and provide for these remedies. An example of two of their most common homeopathic remedies, was to chew a ball of honey, cinnamon, myrrh, frankincense, and pignon, to cure chronic bad breath. As well as opium was administered as an anesthetic, as this originally comes from the poppy plant. There are plenty of more pros and cons I could list, such as the pro of sanitation, as this lessened the mortality rate, due to their deep values for cleanliness, where surgical instruments were sterilized, as well as the places of medical practice. In conclusion, I would rate the Ancient Egyptians medical practices as the grade of an 85, as they did have an adept grasp on physiological
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