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Daniel had his bags in the trunk, tank completely filled, and is ready to jump in his ford focus electric and head to LA. He is now on his way, and about 70 miles into his trip, he notices that he 's going to run out quick. The problem is, there aren’t any stations around. Now he fears that he’s going to be stuck in the middle of a highway, without any service, in the middle of the mountains. As you should know, the first crude electric vehicle was invented in 1832 by Robert Anderson, but it wasn 't until the beginning of the 20th century when they became popular. I believe that electric cars have more harm than good in the society because they are in fact not even completely emission free, they have a limited range, and lead to higher costs. To begin, electric cars are not as cheap as they are imposed to be. According to Brad Berman from the article, “Electric Cars Pros and Cons,” he states, “ Electric cars are more expensive to buy brand new than regular gas powered cars.” This demonstrates that electric cars are not cheaper than gas powered cars, which also…show more content…
In “Electric Cars pros and cons” by Brad Berman, he emphasizes that electric cars don 't last long, and that the lack of electric stations also hurt their range. Electric cars are not intended to go on long trips either, and the lack of these electric stations puts a higher risk for people to be stranded in the middle of possibly nowhere. In “electric cars: benefits and disadvantages” by the author of Doug Demuro, he states that electric cars are not big on the range, and that you can run out of electricity when nowhere near an electric station. For example, the Ford Focus electric and the Nissan Leaf: they have a range of approximately 75 miles. These are just the affordable electric cars as well, buying one with more range would just lead to higher costs, so having the problem with possibly stopping nowhere near a station is not one you 'd

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