Pros And Cons Of Electrical Engineering

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Electrical engineering careers are the cream of the free world. Electrical engineering over time has brought about the invention of most the technology people use today. Electrical engineers by definition is “a branch of engineering that deals with the practical application of electricity especially as related to communications, the distribution of power, and the design and operation of machinery and equipment”. (merriam-webster, 2015). Electrical engineering has many different fields and professions. Electronics engineering is the field that I am most interested in. The electronics engineering can be applied to different occupations. Electrical engineering technologist help electrical engineers with process control and electrical power distribution.…show more content…
Fixing thing has always been a strong passion of mine. The troubleshooting and having to think critically and solve technical issues is something I’m familiar with. My most favorite job that I’ve worked in my life was at my uncle’s lawn mower shop, where I was responsible for diagnosing problems in small engines and repairing them cost efficiently. Planning workloads and daily routines. The Electrical Engineering technologist field would fit me fine. The fine details of electronics fascinate…show more content…
I eventually won first place in science fair with that experiment. Earlier than that I was taking my electronic toys apart to fix them when they weren’t working properly most of the time it was just a battery issue or dust removal. In the electronic engineering field I will be able enjoy a hobby of mine which is tinkering. Electronics is an endless list of devices with infinite possibilities. The IEEE online site says “Technology Professionals and Engineers will always be continually challenged to keep abreast of new and changing technology” (IEEE, 2015). Being able to learn new technologies and troubleshoot them has me really considering getting to this career. The salaried offered for the position doesn’t sound bad. Earning the sort starting wage would ideal for something I could love
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