Pros And Cons Of Electrocic Voting

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Should electrocic voting machines (EVMs) be used in the next election? EVMs would deffiently help more people vote easily, provide ballots in many different lauguages, voters with securty concerns might need to worry, and EVMs can be highly expensive.

Using the EVM is very easy even for voters with disabilities. These machines have exellent audio and voice systems for citizens with reduced vision or hard hearding individuals and even hand-held devices for people who have trouble standing. Some voters find it difficult to use EVMs because if voters dont have experiance with computers they will find it hard using the electronic voting machine. A national servey claimed that only 32% of Americans 59 and older were comfortable with electionic voting. EVMs in VA were shut down during an election when plenty of voters reported the machine had incorrectly recored their votes. According to one study, poll workers were often porly trained and didnt even know how to turn the EVM on. This is a major concern.
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New york had ballots only in English, Spanish, Chinese, and korean even though 138 different languages spoken in borough of Queens alone. Voters who don 't speak English will have to ask help from a poll worker. Of course this makes privacy impossible and like all computers, EVMs can be hacked. Trusting a electronic machine can be difficult. People with basic electrical knowledge and tools could most certainly tamper with voters on the EVM. Security is my main conern and it was found that malicious software can tranfer EVM votes for one candidate to another without the voter noticing. But voters shouldn 't worry because EVMs are not connected to the internet. So how could there be any hacking when EVMs are also recored during every vote so they can 't be tampered
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