Pros And Cons Of Electronic Health Information System

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Hospitals are looking for new ways to curb spending, and to save money. In addition, to correcting ways patient’s information is conveyed from one heath care professional to another. Often patients ’information is missing or the doctor’s orders were never written. Unfortunately, a lot of aspects come into focus when dealing with the way that doctor and nurses communication. I believe that EHR can help with majority of these issues The purpose of this paper is to try to examine the recommendations set forth by Phil in order to impend the system Electronic Health Information system. Technology in today 's Health Care The United States health Care system is in need of an overhaul. Electronic Health Records helps to maintain and ensure safe…show more content…
Majority of the doctors complain about working more hours in order to get the system up and running properly. Some executives and head leaders and department managers can help in impending EHR. I think that hiring a Chief Medical Officer part-time temporarily would help in getting the new system up and running. Pay physicians Qualified Health care professionals and hospitals could receive incentives for using EHR and proving significant use of Electronic Health Records Technology System. ("," “n.d”.) Furthermore, a lot of incentives for doctors seem to create conflicts of interest, which brings up the question of a doctors ' loyalty to his or her patient. In modern time doctor ethics acted in the interest of the patients and not of the doctors own financial interest. Health care professionals are supposed to place the interests of their patients first. Unfortunately, a lot of physicians receive financial incentives for performance that is not necessarily in their patients ' best welfare. Nurse staff selection Current technology and the role of charge nurses have change. Nurses now have more responsibility. A lot of nurses feel that they can provide better care to patients if they had access to Electronic Health Records (Schwartz,
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