Pros And Cons Of Electronic Medical Coding

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The Good View
Cynthia Wardlow
Marc Gewin MED 1140
Virginia College

I am going to elaborate the different debates and/or discussions regarding Electronic Medical Coding: contrasting and comparing today’s recent technologies and the many ways it has transpired the medical field.
The Good View
Inputting information electronically can make health care less expensive and more efficient. It can also improve the quality of care towards patients by providing quick access to data and information. Quick and precise care can promote positive reviews and rapport for future patients. Medical records software now guaranteed to make labor at ease providing Doctors with a range of capability to capture and store data. This software depending on which
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People have reported that since electronic medical records have come to surface, that just as crashing with computers occur that medical records as well can be lost or permanently not recovered. Being without records of medical histories can cause riffs between the Hospital and the patients as well as loss of money within the practice itself. Doctors often complain that the electronic systems are clunky and time-consuming. Time consumption is within learning the system configurations and formatting itself amongst the staff and medical doctor.
It’s said that Doctors using the computer to input data then interviewing the patient will cause them to hasten their pace and not read a true diagnosis for proper treatment. In other instances, EMR’s according to patients can be falsified information being stated. Physicians tend to put check off on things that they haven’t completed. EMR’s aren’t intended to omit incorrect information unless corrected by staff. A way for patients to protect themselves and to obtain the upmost care need they should request a copy of their medical records and tests; go over medication intake directions and its residual side effects.
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