Pros And Cons Of Energy Drinks

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Before taking a sip from a canned bubbly energy drink, take some time to read the labels, but only take what it says in a small amount of consideration. The Food and Drug Administration required energy drink companies to print warning labels on their drinks after there was questionable side effects form drinking the drinks. This push to put labels on these drinks was a failed effort to warn children and adults about the dangers of drinking energy drinks. Unfortunately, many companies are not required to be completely truthful in their labels completely ruining the need for labels because none of the information printed is true. In fact, they are only required to print a label and not required “to disclose how much caffeine and other stimulants” the energy drink contains, which is upsetting to understand that some of the energy drink companies are lying to their buyers just to make more money (Miller).…show more content…
Some companies’ even claim that their energy drinks contain the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee and are completely safe to drink (Miller). Research has proven that energy drinks do not contain the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee contradicting what some companies are

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