Pros And Cons Of Entrapment

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Entrapment is used by officers to persuade and lure suspicious civilians to commit a crime that they have not been proven guilty of. This article talks about entrapment and explains positives and negatives of they system. The article focuses on the holes and unclear frame work in the entrapment tactic. Entrapment is a useful tactic in catching suspicious criminals before they commit a crime that could possible hurt someone. This is a good and efficient tactic for officers, it keeps the innocent safe. Although, this tactic does not always work, it can cause some problems. Officers are supposed to use the tactic when there is a suspected criminal, but if it turns out there is no criminal it can cause many problems. Officers do not need to persuade the innocent because then the cops are just creating crime witch is the opposite of what they are supposed to do. The main point of this article is that it wants to make the structure and the frame work of the entrapment system clearer and more precise. The article identifies ways to make entrapment more stable and clearer. This article wants to fix the problem of the entrapment system being unclear and sketchy. If a tactic has unclear rules and some grey areas, it can be abused and missed used. This article wants to relocate boundaries on the system and help rethink entrapment. The intended audience for this article is for our law enforcement system and government. This article wants to change the way the structure
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