Entrepreneurship In Africa Essay

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The wave of entrepreneurship in Africa today is gradually grabbing the attention of the entire globe; and at the fore-front, in the driver 's seat, are the young minds of its mainland. These youths are no longer content with folding their arms and watching events unfurl; they have started to take destinies into their own hands and fast becoming stars that light the path of this once labelled Dark Continent.

With Africa having some of the fastest growing economies in the world, there is no gainsaying that there are still a lot of untapped potential in the region. Though we have started to see our imprecations as blessings and the message in our mess, there is still a long way to go.

Young people constitute a large and rapidly growing proportion of the population in most countries of Africa. With 60% of the entire continent aged below 25,
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They have limited access to loans, and will most likely only be able to access one through a man representative. Social norms and dominant family laws have confined more women to less profitable ventures and domestic tasks; rather than helping hone their entrepreneurial potential by running their own firms, or making meaningful impact in the business space. The UNDP 's 2016 Africa Human Development Report estimates that economic and social discrimination against women is costing Africa about $95 billion a year. If we must grow Africa through entrepreneurship, then we must empower the girl child to succeed in the society.

Other issues like inconsistent government policies, lack of skilled manpower, unfavourable advantage of already successful businesses over start-ups, lack of international exposure, and other pertinent concerns are ones that should be addressed in order to properly harness the entrepreneurship spirit of the young African man and

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