Pros And Cons Of European Exploration

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The Aftermath of European Exploration

The controversial topic of European exploration of the Americas is often times debated on. Some people say that the European exploration was a devastating event and its cons outweigh its pros. On the other hand some people say that without the European exploration the Americas would have never been colonized and become as developed as it did. Both sides of the argument have their pros and cons but some things that happened are facts and can’t be debated. European explorers started a movement called the European exploration of the Americas and this essentially caused the Americas to be colonized and develop. They didn’t really have any idea of what was on the land already and who lived there. They ended
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Coronado, a famous explorer, said in his report to Viceroy Mendoza that the purpose that he claimed for coming to North America was to spread the holy word of Christianity and help the natives become Christians (Doc. 3). He believed this was the best thing for the natives and that he was doing them a favor by converting them. Christopher Columbus, an explorer praised for his exploration of America, said in a letter that the natives were appreciative of the little tricots he gave them such as red caps and glass beads that they made necklaces out of (Doc. 4). He also said that the were handsome and very well-built even some that were older than 30 years old and that they would make good servants and workers in the future (Doc. 4). This shows that Columbus was actually thinking of the natives and their future relationship. He also didn’t want to see many of them die like what actually happened and that he didn’t want them to suffer and hate European explorers like himself. One major pro of the European exploration of the Americas was the wide spread of different crops and materials that were exchanged between Europe and the Americas. Some things that were introduced to the new world were horses, sheep, rice, and coffee (Doc. 6). These are
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