Pros And Cons Of Europeans

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During the 1900’s, Europeans traveled all throughout Africa to conquer lands for themselves. The Europeans knew Africa contained lots of raw materials and sought out to claim it as their own territory. They also proceeded to impose Christianity among many native Africans. This outraged many Africans, but as they tried to fight for their rights, they were slaughtered by the overpowering European weapons. However, the Europeans did help the Africans in some ways. The Europeans helped many Africans thrive by the use of their economy. The cons heavily outweigh the pros for what the Europeans did because of them taking African lands and killing many in the process (Document 10). Much of Africa’s power was also taken from them because the Europeans wanted to control them (Document 6) Although the Europeans were able to help the Africans prosper, they still treated them unfairly and deprived them of their power. A large impact Europe had on Africa was when they brought in prosperous techniques.…show more content…
When Europeans came to Africa they used many of their raw materials and in return they help the African economy thrive. They built roads, canals, railways and telegraphs for them. They also helped bring schools and newspapers (Document 1). However, lots of the reason they were helping the Africans was for their own gain. The Europeans thought that the African civilization was undisciplined so they took over their economy, they then used it to gain more raw materials and bring in more industrialization (Document 6). The Europeans also took over business by closing African markets and making their own Document 4). This helped this Europeans start to take over African land, now that they had control of their markets and
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