Pros And Cons Of Evidence Based Programs

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As the new era of psychology approaches the idea evidence-base program is used especially for the social service field. A vast majority of programs has been developing around the world aimed at helping individuals in the community suffering from various illnesses. In this paper, the reader should expect the definition of evidence-base programs, an appropriate questions and elements used in choosing an evidence-based program, an explanation of an evidence continuum that is consider valid, a detailed view of the pros, and cons use for evidence-based programs, a summary that evaluates the concept of evidence-based programs and proposal of how the concept is utilized. The people who provide the funds needed to build these programs are wondering…show more content…
This begins with gaining the finance needed to adopt and implement the programs. The need for professionals with the proper training and credentials is required when pursuing and evidence-base program. At time one the organization us the program they find out that the program is not suitable for them. For example, they program might not met the community they are serving. This is notice in programs who are seeking to obtain positive outcomes in various communities. Another issue with the evidence-base program is with the randomized control trial (RCT). The used of the randomized control trial is usefulness but not value. According to Tanenbaum (2005), the effectiveness is due to the methods used can be difficult to understand and can have biases associated with the program (p. 165). It is important to understand the concept of evidence-base programs as it is vital to know the quality of the program and how it will best serve the community. Evidence-base program provided an individual with information regarding how the program operates, the outcome and impact. The evidence-base programs define the results the program should expect while the participants are constantly involved in the…show more content…
Conducting research to get a better understanding of the program that is available to the population that the professional is looking to serve will be important. It is essential to know if there is a continuum that is effective and meet all the necessary criteria. If researching a program suitable for bullying it would be beneficial for the professional to understand the evidence –base program and the effectiveness of the program on a long term

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