Pros And Cons Of Evidentialism

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Our world today has fallen into the trap of thinking that believing whatever you want is okay. That it is acceptable for everyone to have their own right and wrong, and on the flip side, has made Christianity out to be this fairy tale religion that has no evidence to back it up. We as Christians need to be ready and able to defend our faith, all the while in a diplomatic and non hostile way. In order for us to do this, we need to understand evidentialism, basic beliefs, the Sensus Divinitatis, and who and what the skeptics are saying. The belief in Evidentialism has grown widely throughout the people in our world. Evidentialism is the belief that all beliefs, if they are to be rational, must be supported by sufficient evidence. The objection that Evidentialists have against Christianity, and more so against God, is that the belief in God isn’t supported by sufficient evidence, and therefore is irrational. It can be laid out in this way: Premise 1: If a belief…show more content…
That sense is the Sensus Divinitatis. The Sensus Divinitatis is another belief forming mechanism similar to our memory, reason, senses, and credulity. It is a built in cognitive faculty that predisposes, or inclines us from the beginning, to believe in God. We have this Sensus Divinitatis because we bear the image of God. So then why doesn’t everyone believe in God, or why doesn’t everyone believe in the same God? The answer to this is simple: sin. Sin has diseased our minds and damaged the cognitive faculty of the Sensus Divinitatis. The only way we can fix our damaged Sensus Divinitatis is through Jesus Christ and the work of the Holy Spirit. Through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, God provides a way for us sinners to be forgiven, cleansed, reconciled, and remade. The work of the Holy Spirit is to open our senses so that we can see and hear the testimony of God’s revelation as revealed in creation and in

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