Pros And Cons Of Exploring Mars

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1.Cory Brunish doubts the necessity of exploring Mars, for those huge amounts of money could have been used in other more profitable and benevolent projects like projects about fighting against fatal diaereses and solving social problems.(Brunish, 2004 p9)

2. Speed is essential in Mars, for the space trip is actually torturing and fatal, because in the space astronauts have been exposed in the harmful space radiation, and the lack of the protection of earth’s magnetic field worsen astronauts’ situation.(Kluger, 2004 p42)

3. Cousteau states that Antarctic is indispensable, for it moderates earth’s climates. It cools both surface water’s and atmosphere’s temperatures. However, human activities has threaten this delicate system.(Cousteau, 1990,p17)

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