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2.1 Face Recognition Technology

Human individuality is often identified using faces, advancements in computing capability over the past few decades now enable similar recognitions. Recognition process has now matured into a science of sophisticated mathematical representations and matching processes from geometric model. Face recognition can be used for both verification and identification (open-set and closed-set).Facial recognition is achieved by means of comparing the rigid features of face, which do not change over a period of time. It can also be achieved by comparing other parameters such as skin tone against the information that are stored in the facial database.
• 2D recognition is affected by changes in lighting, the person’s hair, the age, and if the person
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The speaker recognition process relies on features influenced by both the physical structure of an individual’s vocal tract and the behavioral characteristics of the individual.[4] A popular choice for remote authentication due to the availability of devices for collecting speech samples and its ease of integration, speaker recognition is different from some other biometric methods in that speech samples are captured dynamically or over a period of time, such as a few seconds. Analysis occurs on a model in which changes over time are monitored, which is similar to other behavioural biometrics such as dynamic signature, gait, and keystroke recognition. The unique patterns of an individual’s voice is then produced by the vocal tract. The vocal tract consists of the laryngeal pharynx, oral pharynx, oral cavity, nasal pharynx, and the nasal cavity. It is these unique patterns created by the vocal tract which is used by voice recognition systems. Even though people may sound alike to the human ear, everybody, to some degree, has a different or unique annunciation in their

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