Pros And Cons Of Factory Farming

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Alternatives Factory farming is a major problem throughout the U.S.A that is more popular than one would think. Some ways to stop factory farming involves the people to do the work, like buying from humane meat companies. Other alternatives to stop factory farming involves the law to do the work, like banning gestation crates or requiring all agricultural animals to become free range. A second alternative is planting humane meat industries in local grocery stores, like Cub or Hivee, instead of in specific stores, like whole foods. When people know that they have a choice to help a good company and still receive the goods that they want, they will buy from that good company. It would start a vicious cycle. More and more people will buy from the humane industries, giving them more money. When more people buy from the good companies, that means that less people will buy from the bad companies, and those companies will lose money. Ultimately, either the inhumane industries will go out of business or cave in to the demands of the people.…show more content…
This is supported by The Humane Society. The advantage of this solution is the inhumanity of factory farming will reduce. Therefore, the government will more closely monitor factory farms. The disadvantage of this solution is it would cost a lot of money. According to the factory farms, the only complaint is the cost of food, transportation and proper sanitation. After all, the transport of the animals, watering crops that the animals eat, and providing drinking water for millions of animals each year, can add

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