Pros And Cons Of Fashion Design

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Fashion design is a mix concept about science, technology and the arts, it related to “aesthetics, culture, psychology, materials, science, engineering, marketing, color science and other factors. Design means plan, ideas, establish programs, it also includes imagery, mapping, system type of meaning” (Evans and Smith 2006; Reinach 2005; Tokatli 2008)." Fashion design process has many aspect, according to the requirements of designing objects, designers conceive and draw renderings, floor plans. Then they produce drawings, finally, complete design from the whole process quotation. With the continuous development and update of the fashion industry, people’s demand of fashion design products is becoming more and more unique. With the guide of global manufacturers, global fashion design industry appears to have some limitations and constraints, which are related to the religion, belief, cultural, ethnic preferences, and a series of economic problems. In this essay, I will discuss the limitations and constrains when fashion designers work for the global producer and figure out the best strategies to solve these problems. The fashion…show more content…
When serving for a fashion brand, fashion designers always consider more design factors into brand image. When they design for themselves, they must develop their favorable style extremely. Thought the fashion designers have thought of these ideas, but there is a certain distance from balance the individuals and fashion products. Even a genius like Lagerfeld (Edward.W, 1979) has no exception. Fortunately, he is a brilliant designer with very clear idea. Chanel (quotation) always can not separated from the hand-Square, tweed jackets and other

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