Pros And Cons Of Federalizing Marijuana

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Federalism and Marijuana The scuffle over the marijuana regulation is one of the most important federalism dispute in a generation. This open-ended conflict of federal and state marijuana laws forces people to think over the protective powers of the federal drug laws and the fiiting roles of state and federal government in setting drug policy. A weaken instability and confusion have been caused due to the conflict of these states changing from prohibition to the regulation of marijuana use. Although the courts have not authorized an actual configuration of the preemption doctrine of this situation and it is argued that the precautionary extension of the Federal Controlled Substance Act is comparably reserved. The Department of Justice decided not to challenge Colorado and Washington State ballots that pushed the legalization of marijuana for adult use. If the federal government decision to invoke the federal laws against the individuals in states with their own administration, the additional ramification for continues disregard of federal prohibition will stand…show more content…
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