Pros And Cons Of Fighting In Hockey

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Why Fighting should stay in the NHL “My thing is, if you want to go, you want to go. There’s no point in making fun of each other’s moms out here.” (Brandon Prust) As we all know, there are fights in professional hockey, like the NHL and AHL. Some sports have completely banned fighting, but the NHL has not outright banned it yet. As debates around fighting in the NHL circumnavigate, one thing is for sure, hockey has had a major history of fighting, and that draws fans. To showing that fights are safer, building momentum, and a sort of self officiating, there is only one correct answer in this debate for this special and idiosyncratic sport, and it is to keep the fights. Fighting should be kept in hockey because they aren 't as dangerous as the alternatives. Fighting in hockey keeps lowers the chance of injuries. Statistics show that for minutes after a hockey fight occurs, the number of hits per mintuit decreases substantially! The less hits, the lower the chance for injury. In leagues that don 't allow fighting, instead of a fight, the players take cheap shots at each other and most are misconduct or match penalties (NHL Rulebook 62). Misconduct and match penalties deliver a high chance for…show more content…
As stated above, fights in hockey creates a safer sport, shifts momentum, adds a level of self officiating, and as an added bonus, both players and fans enjoy it! As people become more concerned and protective of their children, and try to ban fighting in hockey, hockey 's rich and close history with fighting should keep it as part of the sport. Instead of mother and father trying to ban fighting, they should strap a pair of skates to their feet, grab a twig, and understand what it’s all about. What’s so wrong with a little bit of trading fists? Hockey players choose to fight, and it keeps the fans cheering and coming back for more. As The Great One said himself, “Sometimes people ask, 'Are hockey fights real? ' I say, 'If they weren 't, I 'd get in more of them.”
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