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Flashing Lights 1One of the most common dangerous jobs in the United States is becoming a highway patrol officer. 2This occupation has been around since the invention of roads, it started when we didn’t have anybody to keep the peace on these roads and there were gangs of outlaws that would murder and rob on the move. Whether you’re in an automobile or on horseback in the old west always obey because there’s going to be a peacekeeper lurking somewhere. 3This job is responsible for keeping the roads safe from speeding and anything that can threaten the lives of other individuals, and it even includes risking your own to keep them safe.4, 17 This branch of police officers can either hired by local authorities, or by the state. (Police and Sheriffs…show more content…
The main reward the people agree on is the justice (NSA Police Officer- West Virginia Location). You get to keep the roads safe for your family and town! You can rest easy at night knowing that you do a great deed for mankind every day you are on the job. 15Another great thing about this career is after you retire, your family will still receive income from the state for two generations, which in tough times can be the difference between, having a home and not. You will forever remember the friends you make on the force and will have a brotherly bond with them.
14Another major benefit of becoming a highway patrol is the pay. You will most likely start out at twenty three thousand dollars a year, depending on where you are located, which is not that much, but once you start working longer and getting promotions, you can work up to about sixty thousand dollars a year, which is significantly more (Police and Sheriffs patrol Officers: Oklahoma).
All in all, being a highway patrol can be a difficult but very rewarding job. You get to learn all about the people in your state and earn their respect by keeping them safe. Whether you’re doing the deed for the pay or just the love of the job, you can be sure that you will love your day when it includes helping
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